Tricia Pridemore in October of 2016 publicly stated on Twitter that she refused to vote for Donald Trump.

And, for a year following his election, she repeatedly joined Democrats and #NeverTrumpers in bashing President Trump up until October of 2017.  That was when she found out she was going to get appointed to the Public Service Commission, and realized she would need the votes of Trump supporters in order to win an election.

In addition to deleting her history of anti-Trump Administration tweets to hide her true self, she has dishonestly claimed she has the “support of the White House” for her election campaign.

We spoke directly with the Trump White House and they assured us they were not supporting her campaign. Their interaction with her is the same as the interaction with any other Republican officials.

On May 22nd, do not fall for her deceptions. Read her Tweets for yourself and decide if you want this kind of person to sit as your PSC commissioner:

Tweet from Tricia Pridemore's Twitter account on October 7, 2016